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Freedom of movement.
Care for life.

Our patients trust us to provide the best care for their exact needs. We are proud to offer the best in all types of orthotic and prosthetic solutions. We understand the needs of today's patient and have dedicated ourselves to helping make life easier.

BCM is now part of

For many years, BCM has provided the highest quality care to our patients and we continue to do so by ways of improving our level of service. We are pleased to announce that we have joined the Ottobock Patient Care division and will be rebranding as We are proud to take the next steps in joining this excellent network of orthotics and prosthetics clinics.

Our goal is to help individuals regain freedom of movement.

At, we care for our patients with the most advanced technology and evidence based treatment options. Our clinical team is driven to help individuals restore functionality and independence through the delivery of high quality prosthetic and orthotic care. Our diligent pursuit of successful prosthetic outcomes has earned a reputation for excellence within the healthcare and rehabilitation community.

A group of amputees gather in athletic wear and various arm protheses
A child wears a myCRO band pediatric helmet while accompanied with their parents

Trust your care to the experts.

  • Part of a Global Network of Care​
    Our network of Ottobock Care clinics spans the globe with more than 700 locations worldwide. Through this network, expert clinicians work together to solve complex prosthetic and orthotic challenges, so you receive the very best care possible.

  • Latest Digital Technologies​
    We work with the latest materials and digital techniques to offer you a promise of quality and optimum comfort.

  • Contracted with Most Major Health Insurers
    Our billing team works on your behalf to arrange optimal coverage of your devices.

Our Services

Here at, the care we provide ranges from new prosthetic limbs to specialized cranial remolding helmets for infants. Depending on your needs and situation, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for - all in one place!
Lower Limb Prosthetics

Lower Limb Prosthetics

From congenital conditions to amputations due to trauma, we specialize in custom lower limb devices to keep you moving. We build long lasting relationships with our patients through physical and emotional support.

Upper Limb Prosthetics

Upper Limb Prosthetics​

Our clinical team has comprehensive experience working individuals with upper limb amputation and differences of all levels. From functional prostheses to cosmetic devices, our prosthetists work with you to achieve success.


Get the support you need from our diverse and expansive selection of orthotics. Whether recovering from a sports injury, managing diabetic complications, or living with a neuromuscular condition, our orthotists are here to help.


Our pediatrics team is committed to ensure your family is supported throughout the entire orthotic or prosthetic process in a family-friendly environment. For whatever your child's aspirations may be, our clinical team will work towards making them become a reality.

Digital Care


Whether it's digitally printed cranial helmets or custom liners, we are continuing to embrace and leverage digital technologies to provide patients with custom fitted products using the latest technology in 3D scanning.

Reasons to Visit

Expert Clinicians
Our team is well-trained and educated in providing cutting-edge and intricate prosthetic and orthotic solutions for people of all ages. With decades of experience in the field, we know what it takes to provide you with lasting results.
Patient Centered
One size does not fit all, so we take the time to customize an approach for each person individually. We want you to feel supported both physically and emotionally when you come in for your appointment.
Personal And Tailor-Made​
By combining your personal goals with our knowledge and expertise we can build the perfect solution for your success. Additionally, our team gives you the support and personal advice that helps you move freely again.

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